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SQL Compact Edition 4 database development tool


Development tool for SQL CE version 4 databases:

- conversion of files from CE 3.5, 3.0, 2.0 formats
- creation of DB files encrypted with password in sdf SQL CE 4 format
- windows for script execution TSQL expressions (select, insert, create table, etc...), foreign key and index management
- shrink DB
- generation of DBML mapping files for Linq To SQL importable into Visual Studio 2008-2010

- does not require any Visual Studio installed
- does not require any Microsoft SQL version installed Free

Freely installable with no limits on use


Convert Garmin csv files to TomTom ov2 format with

C# source code to convert Garmin csv files to binary TomTom ov2 files, complete solution for Microsoft Visual Studio,
included also executable file (require .NET Framework 2.0 o upper).


Block-process service at fixed days-hours in C#

VS2008 complete solution, it is installed as a Windows service to limit the operation of certain processes only on predetermined days-times. The names of the processes, days and times are freely configurable from XML files, the service remains always active, lightweight, requires Windows XP-Vista and Framework 2. Particularly useful when you want to limit the use of particular programs such as chat, browser, games or any program installed without affecting the performance of the PC or firewall, TCP services, network connections and without modifying any Windows configuration. Unlimited and free use, complete code in C#.


Read-write TomTom binary ov2 files in C#

C# methods for reading-writing TomTom files in binary ov2 format, complete solution in VS2008.


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